Razer Naga 2014 Review

The Razer Naga 2014 I purchased over a year ago for around $60.00. You can find it on Amazon now for around $86.99 here. This mouse by Razer has some amazing uses is built very well.

Out of the Box-

When you open up the Razer Naga 2014 box, you see the mouse, along with the braided cable attached. The mouse looks amazing out of the box, and the braided cable and mechanical buttons on the side bring quality.


The Naga 2014’s main feature is the 12 buttons located to the left of the mouse. There are also two buttons located below the scroll wheel, and the typical left and right-click buttons. The scroll wheel is smooth, and can be clicked in three was as more actions. You can click it down, left, and right. There is a green led light set behind the scroll wheel, each of the twelve buttons on the side, and a blinking one behind the Razer logo on the middle of the mouse. The cable is USB, and high quality as it is braided. It is not detachable so it is stuck with the mouse. The weight and comfort of the mouse is perfect too. I find that the weight is useful for whatever you plan on doing, and the comfort makes it so you can use the mouse for hours with no issue. The led lighting looks amazing, especially at night, and the 12 buttons on the side are extremely useful.


The Razer Naga 2014 is customization through the Razer Synapse software. Within the software you can customize each of the buttons to be their own macsynapsero. This is very useful for quick actions you may need to do. There is also a way to turn each of the individual lights off, and make different profiles for when you want different ones on and off. One setting that is useful, is that you can have the led lights automatically turn off when you turn your monitor off, so if you have this in your room, and leave your PC on, the lights will not distract you from your sleep. You can also change the DPI anywhere from 100 to 8200 for this mouse. Depending on what you prefer, this is extremely useful. I find the software easy to use, and there are some little adjustments you can make that I did not mention, but overall the software can help you make your mouse the best it can be.


The 12 buttons have some amazing uses. From anything such as gaming to video editing, it can make it all easier. Within games, you can set the buttons on the sides to be certain actions, so that you can perform them quicker and easier, giving you an edge up on your opponents. In video editing, you can set the buttons to be tasks that you preform a lot, allowing you to do your editing quicker and more efficient. I find this mouse the perfect weight for doing whatever you want, so there really are no img_9009restrictions on what you can do. It has definitely helped improve my gaming performance.


The Razer Naga 2014 is an excellent mouse. For whatever you plan on doing, the extra macros make it all easier. The lighting makes your setup look better, and the software can customize it all. There is no going wrong if you plan on purchasing this mouse, unless you want something that is RGB. There are other versions from Razer that come in RGB, but the mouse I have is in only green. This is fine for me as I have a black and green themed setup. I have loved this mouse ever since I got it. I use it for everything, and it has helped improved my performance a lot. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my review of the Razer Naga 2014 Gaming Mouse!


Jaybird X2 Review

The Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones have amazing sound quality, design, fit, and can be found for as low as $99.00. Right now, in the color I have, they can be found on Amazon for $149.99 here, but I would look elsewhere for a better deal.

Out of the Box-

The Jaybird X2’s come packaged extremely nice. You open up to the case they come in and the headphones themselves. The case is very nice and I was very happy it was included. There is many different ear tips and fins included, along with a flat, short micro USB cable. They are very quick to pair, and can be used instantly.

Accessories and Design-img_8997

As I have previously stated, the Jaybird X2’s contain many different ear tips, including Comply Premium Sport Memory Foam ones. These I found to be extremely comfy if you go through the correct process of putting them in your ear. At the moment though, I am using the regular ear tips which also feel really nice. Each style comes with the sizes small, medium, and large. The X2 headphones also have different fins attachable. They are the same size as the ear tips, so all you have to do is find your correct ear tip and you should normally use the matching fin. They fit inside your ear nice, and I find I prefer them over regular, fin less headphones. There is also the carrying container included. It is made of rubber, and can be opened by squeezing the edges together and pulling out the black middle cover. It is extremely compact, and I find really secure so you do not lose your headphones.


The Jaybird X2’s are made with sound quality in mind. They sound crystal clear and can definitely out beat many higher end headphones, for half the cost. The correct ear tip fitting may affect your sound, so make sure you pick right. I listen to all types of music on these, and they are great at what they do. There is a controller on the cable with a built-in mic, volume buttons, track changer, and a play pause/power button. This is convenient for not having to find your phone to change the song or turn the volume up.


These headphones are perfect for the gym. They connect via Bluetooth, so you don’t need to have your phone on you, but instead only around you. This is very useful for when you are doing exercises involving movement. They are also great for at home listening, or anywhere you go. They fit in your ear nicely, and you can img_8996-2expect for them to not fall out. I love the feel of these and am happy I can bring them wherever I go.


I would definitely recommend these headphones. One thing you should note though, is that the Jaybird X3 headphones are coming out soon, so if you want to spend a little more money, you can wait for those, or even if you want to wait to buy the X2’s at a cheaper price, you can do that. Either way, I would 100% recommend these headphones, as they have superb quality and design, at a minimal price tag. Thank you and I hope I helped teach you a little about these headphones!

Blue Snowball Review

The Blue Snowball is a reputable microphone that I purchased for around $70.00, and can be found on Amazon for a little cheaper here. This microphone is amazing for its value and great for talking with friends or family, talking to people in video games, and for any content creation or music.

Out of the Box-

Inside the box, you get the Snowball itself, a tripod desk stand, and the USB cable allowing you to begin recording right away. The Snowball has a beautiful design, and personally I prefer the brushed aluminum and black look that it has. I find it to fit in with most setups out there of similar color scheme.


The Blue Snowball microphone is compatible with almost any device. Since it uses USB as a connection, all you need to do is plug it in and it is working within a minute. The USB output is also integrated with desktops and laptops allowing for high CD quality recordings to be done.


The Blue Snowball microphone comes with many features. The standout feature is the fact that it can change from Cardioid Mode, to Cardioid Mode -10dB, to Omnidimg_89521irectional Mode. Cardioid Mode is best for things such as podcasts and singing, and Cardioid Mode -10dB does the same, while allowing for louder sounds to be captured in better quality. Omnidirectional Mode is best for live recordings of bands, or any other recording where the entire environment is best captured. This occurs because sound is picked up from all directions. In Cardioid Modes, sound is only picked up from the front of the microphone. Personally I use only Cardioid Mode, as I use this mostly for talking to friends or recordings.


The Blue Snowball microphone has extremely high quality audio. The three modes allow for the audio to be better for your uses, but overall, the microphone is very clear. This is great for things like music recordings, podcasts, and many YouTubers use this. Blue is very trusted with their quality in making microphones, and the Blue Snowball is one of their signature devices. img_89431


The microphone has a red light at the top, indicating it is plugged in and on. There is a tripod mounted to the bottom that comes with it, but you can also attach it to most regular screw in mounts. One thing I wish that was featured on this device was a mute button. There is no easy way to mute this device, as there is no physical mute button. This bothers me if I am talking to someone and maybe a family member comes in, because I may not want my friends involved in my families conversation.


The Blue Snowball microphone is amazing for its price. Whether this is for family or work calls, YouTube, podcasts, or whatever your need is, it is worth the price. The sound quality is comparable to microphones of extremely high cost, and it is pleasant sound to hear. You may want to purchase a pop filter if you are producing music, or doing anything where quality is important, but the microphone is worth it! If you were interested in this microphone I hope I helped you on your decision! Thank you!

Aukey Wall Charger Review


The Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 3-port USB Wall Charger was originally priced at $24.99 when I purchased it. It can now be found on Amazon for around $14.99 here. This is a very good deal for what its potential!

Out of the Box-

The Aukey Wall Charger came conservatively boxed with only the wall charger itself, and a micro USB cable. Seeing the charger right away you notice its rather compact design, and see that one of the USB ports is orange on the inside. This is due to the fact that the charger has support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and it is telling you that that is the Quick Charge port. This is extremely useful for charging and is a big feature on this device.


The Aukey Wall Charger has a compact form-factor, and is easy to use for travel. The prongs are retractable, meaning they can be flipped down to allow for easier storage. They also are pointed in such a way that coming out of the wall, the device looks narrow, allowing for other devices to be plugged in right next to it (depending on the wall socket/power strip). This is useful, especially while traveling, because if you are like me and use a lot of ports, you can easily run out–a tip for traveling: bring a power strip so that when you are in a hotel/condo/cabin you have plenty of wall outlets. Each of the ports is color coated to let you know if it is Qualcomm Quick Charge compatible or uses Aukey’s AiPower technology.


As I have mentioned before one of the ports on the Aukey Wall Charger is orange, while the other two are green. Starting with the green; the green ports use Aukey’s AiPower technology, which as many other charging technology’s do, outputs the quickest charge possible for the device plugged in. This allows for fast speeds whilimg_89291e ch
arging up. Now the third orange port is different. Along with having Aukey’s AiPower technology, the third port has Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 compatibility. I have spoken of this before, and will again praise this feature to be added to all devices. This is extremely fast charging–for capable devices–that can charge up to 60% in only 30 minutes. My Samsung Galaxy S7 has it, and I love it. I will never be able to charge again on a device not using Quick Charge.


I would 100% recommend buying this product, if Quick Charge 2.0 is what you want. The latest version of Quick Charge is 3.0 and they a similar device using the updated technology. You can find that here. At the moment, there is no real neeimg_89211d to purchase a charger with Quick Charge 3.0 capabilities, as very little smartphones are compatible. The one linked also lacks a third USB port, which I find to be more important than Quick Charge 3.0 vs. 2.0. This is up to you however, but know many new smartphones will most likely include the technology. This may make it worth it to upgrade if you plan on purchasing a new smartphone soon. I love this charger as I can bring it everywhere; it is my main charger for my phone and accessories at my desk, and my biggest helper when I’m on vacation and lacking ports. I hope you enjoyed and I helped you learn a little more about chargers! Thank you!





Xbox One Media Remote Review

The Xbox One Media Remote is a device that I use daily. Whether it is for watching Netflix, YouTube, TV, or doing anything on my Xbox, it makes it all easier. It comes in at around $24.99 and can be found here.

Out of the Box-

The Xbox One Media Remote comes in simple packaging containing theimg_8915 remote itself, and the batteries. The device is the perfect size in my opinion and has all the buttons it needs.


On the remote, there are: the Xbox button, the menu buttons, a back button, four arrow keys, volume and channel controls, and media buttons. My favorite feature of the remote is how whenever you pick up the remote, it lights up. There are white backlights behind each of the buttons that are motion activated. That means, if you are watching TV or Netflix at night, you can reach for the remote and once you touch it, it will light up and you can do what you need to.

Volume and Power-

If you go within the Xbox settings, through to TV and OneGuide, and click Device control, you can set up your Xbox so that it controls your TV. This means that whenever you use the remote to turn on the Xbox, it will turn on the TV too. When you wimg_8909ant to change the volume, press the volume keys and lower or raise it. Finally, when you are done at the end of the night, you can turn off the console by holding the Xbox button, and it will turn the TV off with it. This means no more hunting for other remotes or having to get out of bed when you need to turn the TV off. Just use the remote and in one click it all turns off.


The remote is powered by two double AA batteries. The main reason you would want to purchase this is so that you do not have to keep turning your controller on again and again, whenever you want to play the next episode of your favorite show on Netflix, or if you want to change the channel. I find this extremely useful as my controller’s batteries were dying very quick, due to it being left on and turned on so much.


The remote connects to a Xbox One in seconds. That is due to the fact that there is no setup required. The Xbox One Media Remote uses an ir blaster, meaning you can use it on multiple Xbox consoles within your house. It also means, however, that if your Xbox One is in a place that is out of sight, you either need an ir blaster attachment, or to put it in a better spot.


Now this product is tricky. For someone like me, with the Xbox One S, and a love for watching TV at night, it is perfect. However, if you do not plan on watching too much TV, or have something such as a wired controller that doesn’t die, do not buy. It is relatively expensive, and it is only truly useful for a late night movie watcher such as me. If you are like me, buy it, if not, do not waste the money. Good luck!

Anker PowerCore+ Review

The Anker PowerCore+ is a 10050 mAH power bank for smartphones and other devices. I bought mine for $30.00 on Amazon and it can be found here. For the price, the PowerCore+ is a very effective and useful device.

Out of the Box-img_8896

The Anker PowerCore+ comes shipped in a small box only containing the power bank itself, and a micro usb charging cable. This is all that is needed to start using the power bank. I found it nice that mine came precharged so I could use it right away.

The Layout-

The PowerCore+ comes with one usb port, and one micro usb port. The micro usb port is for charging up the power bank and the usb port for charging devices. There is a power button on the top which when pressed lights up a dotted ring around the button letting you know the battery life. When it is dead, and you press the button, one flashing dot appears. This is helpful and tells me whether or not I should charge it overnight. The PowerCore+ is also very good when it comes to handling damage. I have dropped this many times, and been careless with plugging this in; all that has resulted from this abuse of the device is the top being scratched up (shown below).

The Port-img_8904

The usb port used for charging up other devices comes with Anker’s IQ technology. It also has support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. This means that when you plug your device in, it will check to see the fastest charging speed allowed and output it, even if that means Quick Charge. Quick Charge is my favorite feature when it comes to power banks and smartphones. Whenever my phone dies on the go, I plug it into this and within the hour I am fully charged up. The speed is amazing. Now remember this only applies if your device is Quick Charge capable. This device will however charge any other device at its max speed too.

10050 mAH-

The power bank packs a total of 10050 mAH. This is the perfect amount as it is capable of charging most smartphones more than twice, and can be used for such things as tablets. I use this on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and it works perfectly. I get about 2-2 1/2 charges on my device allowing me to use it the whole day. The amazing part is the size. For a 10050 mAH power bank, the PowerCore+ is incredibly small. It is about the size of a credit card, and has the thickness of two smartphones stacked on top of each other. That means it can fit into your pocket, purse, handbag, or any other bag. Personally, I carry mine in either my backpack, or my pocket. This gives me the freedom to take it wherever I am going, without getting in the way.


I would 100% recommend this power bank. My smartphone, the Galaxy S7, cannot make it throughout the day with one charge. All I have to do is plug it into this and I’m good for the day. I use this daily and bring it everywhere I go. I even can help my friends if they are low on battery and need a charge. The fact that it has Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and has a very compact form factor is what sold this for me. If you are in need of a power bank this is a good one!

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Razer Blade Stealth Review

The Razer Blade Stealth has the power of a normal laptop within the compact size of a ultrabook. I purchased my stealth for $999.99 off of Razer, but it comes in many models ranging up to $1999.99. Here is a link to the new one. Mine is one of the older models, but the newer ones are updated and more powerful.

Out of the Box-

The Razer Blade Stealth came packaged well; you first see the laptop, and it comes with a 45w usb type c charging cable. I did get a faulty charger, and this has happened to many, but if you reach out to Razer they should send a replacement.  Another trick I found is that sometimes the charger doesn’t work, but the green light on the brick is on, so here’s what you do: you need to disconnect the cable that goes into the brick, unplug it from the wall, unplug the cable from the brick to the computer, and then plug it all back in and it may work. First starting up the laptopimg_8882 is quick, and the setup is normal just like any other windows device.


The main standout of the Razer Blade Stealth is its design. The Stealth comes in at the size of a ultrabook. With its 12.5 inch QHD, UHD, or 4k (depending on the model) display, and its Razer chroma keyboard, the Stealth really catches the eye. It comes with a usb type c thunderbolt port, 2 usb 3.0 ports, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a HDMI port. The Stealth also has a green glowing Razer logo on its front. To top it off there is a 2mp webcam on the front along with a mic. One annoying thing I found, which may be fixed with the newer model, is the power button. Sometimes it may get stuck pressed, and it causes startup of the machine to take longer. It is relatively easy to fix when it happens, but it may bug you a lot. Otherwise, I found the design extremely attractive. The brushed finish of the laptop is chipped fairly easily, so you must watch out for that, but the all black design is very eye-catching.

Keyboard and Trackpad-

The keyboard on the Blade Stealth is a chroma anti-ghosting keyboard; it also is backlit coming with a customizable 16.8 million colors. I found the keyboard to be difficult to type on at first, but after a bit of adjusting, I am now in love with it.  The backlit feature looks so nice, and using Razer Synapse, you can customize it however you want. I have messed with creating my own lighting effects, and some are cool, but personally I leave it as the rainbow effect, as I think it looks the best. The trackpad for img_8879me works very well. I find that being able to click anywhere for a right-click, and use two fingers for left-click, is a very nice feature. I’m not worried about clicking a specific part of the trackpad, I just click.


My Razer Blade Stealth has the QHD display
and it looks fantastic. This is the lowest end screen you can get, and it still amazes me. It has a touchscreen which I found myself using a lot more than I originally though I would. The colors look stunning and I believe the display is a nice size. One thing that some may think will bother them is the size of the bezel. The bezel may look big at first, but I have never noticed it, not even the first time using the laptop.

Battery Life-

I have the original Razer Blade Stealth, and the battery life is average. The one for sale now is updated and has better battery life. The new one says to get up to 9 hours, so that puts it at a good spot. I would have liked this laptop to have a little more juice, but for how powerful it is and the size of it, their is’nt much wiggle room.


Depending on the model you get, the Stealth can be extremely spec’d out. Mine has a 6th generation Intel Core I7 processor and 8gb of ram, but the new ones come with either an 7th generation Intel Core I5 or I7 processor. They range from a 128gb SSD to 1 Tb SSD which I found to be extremely fast.

The Core-

Something that I do not personally own but know a lot about is the Razer Core. When you connect the Blade Stealth to the Core through a thunderbolt 3 cable, you can give your laptop the power of a PC. You insert a graphic card into the Core, and it allows the laptop to use the GPU as its own. This allows for intense gaming to be done with the high quality screen of the core and the power of a computer GPU.


I would highly recommend purchasing the Razer Blade Stealth. I would like to emphasize that you purchase the NEW one. There are two models and the new one comes in at the same price with better battery life and performance. This laptop is great for everyday use especially with things like school and work. It is quick, and has a lot of functionality. People comment about the looks of it, and I have had many  think that it is a Chromebook due to its size, when it is really much, much more. Connected to the Core, it acts as a PC, on its own, it is a full-fledged laptop. Good luck if you are looking to purchase!

Amazon Echo Dot Review

The Amazon Echo Dot is an interesting device that I bought a month ago. I purchased it on sale for $39.99, but you can find it on amazon here.

Out of the Box-

The Echo Dot came in a well packaged appealing box. When you oimg_88111pen it up you see the Dot, and within the box there is also a USB wall charger, and micro USB cable.


The Amazon Echo Dot has a simple design. From the light ring around the edge and only the mute, command, and volume buttons on top, there is not much you need to learn. Alexa comes packed with bluetooth, is connected to wi-fi through the app, and for those without bluetooth a 3.5 mm jack on the back. The Dot must always be plugged in to function using the included micro USB cable.


The setup was simple, and quick. When you first plug the Echo Dot in, it speaks to you and helps you set it
up. You have to download the app and follow the directions to set it up with your wi-fi, bluetooth, and all of your accounts. The Echo Dot was working within minutes for me. Using the wake word “Alexa” (this word can be changed within the app), you are immediately able to speak to the Dot and activate commands.img_88092

The App-

The Amazon Alexa app is truly amazing. There are ways to see your past requests, hook up your music accounts, look at to do lists, have Alexa learn new things, and a feature I found useful was having the Dot learn your voice. Alexa may not recognize your voice very well, especially if you are playing loud music, but once you train Alexa to your voice, the Echo Dot understands you a lot better. Also, Alexa  can learn new things. Within the app there is a sort of “store” where you can tell Alexa to learn certain commands. This involves commands such as: news, food, games, sports, smart home, and many, many more.


I have Alexa hooked up to my Spotify account. This means that all I have to do when I want to listen to a specific song is say “Alexa, play _______ on Spotify.” I use this daily as I enjoy listening to music. The Dot has a bit of volume, but don’t expect great quality, as the speaker is not what this device is meant for. If you want better volume, you may connect an external speaker through Bluetooth,  or the 3.5 mm jack. This img_87991will send all the audio through the speaker, so it will essentially become apart of your Dot.

Daily Tasks-

Alexa can help you out with daily tasks easily. One command I find myself using a lot is asking her the time, when I am in a rush to get to school or go out. Another thing I use daily is the alarm. You can set up a repeating alarm, but I just ask her to set an alarm for the next morning the night before. This is also useful for reminders. In my case, say I have to do some studying but think I may forget. Just set a reminder on Alexa and she will remind you to study when you need to. There is an infinite amount of other tasks that may be performed, but these are the ones I found to be used most.


I would completely recommend buying the Amazon Echo Dot. Alexa is so useful from daily tasks, to helping out with quick facts, and listening to music. I use Alexa daily, and when my friends come over all they want to do is talk to her. The Dot makes a great party guest, as everyone messes with it, and wants to know more about it. People are constantly asking her questions, or saying to play certain songs. The Dot fits in with almost any setup, as it has a very pleasing design and comes in both black and white. I hope you learned something from this review, and got help for your buying decision!

JBL Pulse 2 Review

This is my review of the JBL Pulse 2 wireless Bluetooth speaker. When I bought my JBL Pulse 2 speaker almost a year ago the price was $160.oo. You can find it on amazon here.

Out of the Box-

The speaker arrived in a dented box, which had me concerned at first. The inside of the box was fine however, and it had a very nice presentation. There was a USB wall charger, very long micro USB cable for charging, and the speaker itself. The simg_87761peaker looks very nice, with controls on the back, and a rubber flap covering the charging port and aux input as the device is splash proof.

The Sound-

I found the sound of the JBL Pulse 2 to be amazing. There is clarity throughout all the volume levels, and there is no distortion at max volume. There is a prominent amount of base, and the mids and highs are very clear. The volume can easily fill a large room, and is a very enjoyable experience.


The JBL Pulse 2 comes with a 6000 mAH battery, which is said to be able to play up to 10 hours. I found this to be accurate as I get around 8-10 hours of play between each charge. It also is splash proof. This I know to be true as I have used it near the pool, and near a hot tub where it has gotten wet. I trust this device whenever I am using it with my friends or family near a wet environment. The main feature of the device iimg_87821s its lights. I find the lights to be spectacular to look at in the dark, and I have had many comments about how it looks. There are many different light shows that are very customizable through the JBL Connect App. There is also a camera at the top of the device which allows for color matches to occur. All you do is hold the camera up to a certain color and the Pulse 2 will match that color theme the best it can.

The App-

JBL has an app for IOS and Android to connect to your JBL speakers. The app immediately recognized my device as I was connected to it via Bluetooth. It showed an image of the Pulse 2 and had the battery life, an update notification, and the light changer. After updating (took around 15 minutes) I had access to all the amazing light shows. There are such options as an equalizer, wave effect, fire, rain, and many more. Through the app, each of these light shows has their own special effect. The special effects mainly consist of making the light show larger or smaller, but some, such as fireworks, allow for the user to tap on the screen, and an additional effect is added. For the case of fireworks, when you tap, a large firework goes off on the screen, and the Pulse 2 displays a red heart with a white background. I found these effects very fun to play with and show off to my friends.


Would I recommend this product? Yes! The Pulse 2 is priced at a very reasonable amount for what it does. Whenever my friends or family see this speaker with me, they ask me about it and are in awe with how cool it is! It is used all the time and is as good as it was when I got it! It can easily be enjoyed at the pool, or my favorite: the beach. The device can easily stand up to the environment, so it can be taken wherever you go. I have gone on many vacations with this speaker and it has fulfilled all my needs. A warning if traveling with this: if you are going on an airplane to travel and bring this with, take it out of your bag as you are going through security, because I have been stopped for bag check because of this! Good luck and I hope I helped with your buying decision!

Who Am I?

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Walker Rickord, and I am 15 years old. I am starting this blog to help others with their tech needs. I aim to do reviews on all the tech I can get my hands on, so I can help you all make your decisions on what to buy, and what not to buy. I own many tech products and am trying to inform others on my thoughts and opinions. Personally, I am into: listening to music, playing video games, taking pictures, and avidly watching tech reviews online.