Blue Snowball Review

The Blue Snowball is a reputable microphone that I purchased for around $70.00, and can be found on Amazon for a little cheaper here. This microphone is amazing for its value and great for talking with friends or family, talking to people in video games, and for any content creation or music.

Out of the Box-

Inside the box, you get the Snowball itself, a tripod desk stand, and the USB cable allowing you to begin recording right away. The Snowball has a beautiful design, and personally I prefer the brushed aluminum and black look that it has. I find it to fit in with most setups out there of similar color scheme.


The Blue Snowball microphone is compatible with almost any device. Since it uses USB as a connection, all you need to do is plug it in and it is working within a minute. The USB output is also integrated with desktops and laptops allowing for high CD quality recordings to be done.


The Blue Snowball microphone comes with many features. The standout feature is the fact that it can change from Cardioid Mode, to Cardioid Mode -10dB, to Omnidimg_89521irectional Mode. Cardioid Mode is best for things such as podcasts and singing, and Cardioid Mode -10dB does the same, while allowing for louder sounds to be captured in better quality. Omnidirectional Mode is best for live recordings of bands, or any other recording where the entire environment is best captured. This occurs because sound is picked up from all directions. In Cardioid Modes, sound is only picked up from the front of the microphone. Personally I use only Cardioid Mode, as I use this mostly for talking to friends or recordings.


The Blue Snowball microphone has extremely high quality audio. The three modes allow for the audio to be better for your uses, but overall, the microphone is very clear. This is great for things like music recordings, podcasts, and many YouTubers use this. Blue is very trusted with their quality in making microphones, and the Blue Snowball is one of their signature devices. img_89431


The microphone has a red light at the top, indicating it is plugged in and on. There is a tripod mounted to the bottom that comes with it, but you can also attach it to most regular screw in mounts. One thing I wish that was featured on this device was a mute button. There is no easy way to mute this device, as there is no physical mute button. This bothers me if I am talking to someone and maybe a family member comes in, because I may not want my friends involved in my families conversation.


The Blue Snowball microphone is amazing for its price. Whether this is for family or work calls, YouTube, podcasts, or whatever your need is, it is worth the price. The sound quality is comparable to microphones of extremely high cost, and it is pleasant sound to hear. You may want to purchase a pop filter if you are producing music, or doing anything where quality is important, but the microphone is worth it! If you were interested in this microphone I hope I helped you on your decision! Thank you!


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