Xbox One Media Remote Review

The Xbox One Media Remote is a device that I use daily. Whether it is for watching Netflix, YouTube, TV, or doing anything on my Xbox, it makes it all easier. It comes in at around $24.99 and can be found here.

Out of the Box-

The Xbox One Media Remote comes in simple packaging containing theimg_8915 remote itself, and the batteries. The device is the perfect size in my opinion and has all the buttons it needs.


On the remote, there are: the Xbox button, the menu buttons, a back button, four arrow keys, volume and channel controls, and media buttons. My favorite feature of the remote is how whenever you pick up the remote, it lights up. There are white backlights behind each of the buttons that are motion activated. That means, if you are watching TV or Netflix at night, you can reach for the remote and once you touch it, it will light up and you can do what you need to.

Volume and Power-

If you go within the Xbox settings, through to TV and OneGuide, and click Device control, you can set up your Xbox so that it controls your TV. This means that whenever you use the remote to turn on the Xbox, it will turn on the TV too. When you wimg_8909ant to change the volume, press the volume keys and lower or raise it. Finally, when you are done at the end of the night, you can turn off the console by holding the Xbox button, and it will turn the TV off with it. This means no more hunting for other remotes or having to get out of bed when you need to turn the TV off. Just use the remote and in one click it all turns off.


The remote is powered by two double AA batteries. The main reason you would want to purchase this is so that you do not have to keep turning your controller on again and again, whenever you want to play the next episode of your favorite show on Netflix, or if you want to change the channel. I find this extremely useful as my controller’s batteries were dying very quick, due to it being left on and turned on so much.


The remote connects to a Xbox One in seconds. That is due to the fact that there is no setup required. The Xbox One Media Remote uses an ir blaster, meaning you can use it on multiple Xbox consoles within your house. It also means, however, that if your Xbox One is in a place that is out of sight, you either need an ir blaster attachment, or to put it in a better spot.


Now this product is tricky. For someone like me, with the Xbox One S, and a love for watching TV at night, it is perfect. However, if you do not plan on watching too much TV, or have something such as a wired controller that doesn’t die, do not buy. It is relatively expensive, and it is only truly useful for a late night movie watcher such as me. If you are like me, buy it, if not, do not waste the money. Good luck!


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