Razer Blade Stealth Review

The Razer Blade Stealth has the power of a normal laptop within the compact size of a ultrabook. I purchased my stealth for $999.99 off of Razer, but it comes in many models ranging up to $1999.99. Here is a link to the new one. Mine is one of the older models, but the newer ones are updated and more powerful.

Out of the Box-

The Razer Blade Stealth came packaged well; you first see the laptop, and it comes with a 45w usb type c charging cable. I did get a faulty charger, and this has happened to many, but if you reach out to Razer they should send a replacement.  Another trick I found is that sometimes the charger doesn’t work, but the green light on the brick is on, so here’s what you do: you need to disconnect the cable that goes into the brick, unplug it from the wall, unplug the cable from the brick to the computer, and then plug it all back in and it may work. First starting up the laptopimg_8882 is quick, and the setup is normal just like any other windows device.


The main standout of the Razer Blade Stealth is its design. The Stealth comes in at the size of a ultrabook. With its 12.5 inch QHD, UHD, or 4k (depending on the model) display, and its Razer chroma keyboard, the Stealth really catches the eye. It comes with a usb type c thunderbolt port, 2 usb 3.0 ports, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a HDMI port. The Stealth also has a green glowing Razer logo on its front. To top it off there is a 2mp webcam on the front along with a mic. One annoying thing I found, which may be fixed with the newer model, is the power button. Sometimes it may get stuck pressed, and it causes startup of the machine to take longer. It is relatively easy to fix when it happens, but it may bug you a lot. Otherwise, I found the design extremely attractive. The brushed finish of the laptop is chipped fairly easily, so you must watch out for that, but the all black design is very eye-catching.

Keyboard and Trackpad-

The keyboard on the Blade Stealth is a chroma anti-ghosting keyboard; it also is backlit coming with a customizable 16.8 million colors. I found the keyboard to be difficult to type on at first, but after a bit of adjusting, I am now in love with it.  The backlit feature looks so nice, and using Razer Synapse, you can customize it however you want. I have messed with creating my own lighting effects, and some are cool, but personally I leave it as the rainbow effect, as I think it looks the best. The trackpad for img_8879me works very well. I find that being able to click anywhere for a right-click, and use two fingers for left-click, is a very nice feature. I’m not worried about clicking a specific part of the trackpad, I just click.


My Razer Blade Stealth has the QHD display
and it looks fantastic. This is the lowest end screen you can get, and it still amazes me. It has a touchscreen which I found myself using a lot more than I originally though I would. The colors look stunning and I believe the display is a nice size. One thing that some may think will bother them is the size of the bezel. The bezel may look big at first, but I have never noticed it, not even the first time using the laptop.

Battery Life-

I have the original Razer Blade Stealth, and the battery life is average. The one for sale now is updated and has better battery life. The new one says to get up to 9 hours, so that puts it at a good spot. I would have liked this laptop to have a little more juice, but for how powerful it is and the size of it, their is’nt much wiggle room.


Depending on the model you get, the Stealth can be extremely spec’d out. Mine has a 6th generation Intel Core I7 processor and 8gb of ram, but the new ones come with either an 7th generation Intel Core I5 or I7 processor. They range from a 128gb SSD to 1 Tb SSD which I found to be extremely fast.

The Core-

Something that I do not personally own but know a lot about is the Razer Core. When you connect the Blade Stealth to the Core through a thunderbolt 3 cable, you can give your laptop the power of a PC. You insert a graphic card into the Core, and it allows the laptop to use the GPU as its own. This allows for intense gaming to be done with the high quality screen of the core and the power of a computer GPU.


I would highly recommend purchasing the Razer Blade Stealth. I would like to emphasize that you purchase the NEW one. There are two models and the new one comes in at the same price with better battery life and performance. This laptop is great for everyday use especially with things like school and work. It is quick, and has a lot of functionality. People comment about the looks of it, and I have had many  think that it is a Chromebook due to its size, when it is really much, much more. Connected to the Core, it acts as a PC, on its own, it is a full-fledged laptop. Good luck if you are looking to purchase!


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