Amazon Echo Dot Review

The Amazon Echo Dot is an interesting device that I bought a month ago. I purchased it on sale for $39.99, but you can find it on amazon here.

Out of the Box-

The Echo Dot came in a well packaged appealing box. When you oimg_88111pen it up you see the Dot, and within the box there is also a USB wall charger, and micro USB cable.


The Amazon Echo Dot has a simple design. From the light ring around the edge and only the mute, command, and volume buttons on top, there is not much you need to learn. Alexa comes packed with bluetooth, is connected to wi-fi through the app, and for those without bluetooth a 3.5 mm jack on the back. The Dot must always be plugged in to function using the included micro USB cable.


The setup was simple, and quick. When you first plug the Echo Dot in, it speaks to you and helps you set it
up. You have to download the app and follow the directions to set it up with your wi-fi, bluetooth, and all of your accounts. The Echo Dot was working within minutes for me. Using the wake word “Alexa” (this word can be changed within the app), you are immediately able to speak to the Dot and activate commands.img_88092

The App-

The Amazon Alexa app is truly amazing. There are ways to see your past requests, hook up your music accounts, look at to do lists, have Alexa learn new things, and a feature I found useful was having the Dot learn your voice. Alexa may not recognize your voice very well, especially if you are playing loud music, but once you train Alexa to your voice, the Echo Dot understands you a lot better. Also, Alexa  can learn new things. Within the app there is a sort of “store” where you can tell Alexa to learn certain commands. This involves commands such as: news, food, games, sports, smart home, and many, many more.


I have Alexa hooked up to my Spotify account. This means that all I have to do when I want to listen to a specific song is say “Alexa, play _______ on Spotify.” I use this daily as I enjoy listening to music. The Dot has a bit of volume, but don’t expect great quality, as the speaker is not what this device is meant for. If you want better volume, you may connect an external speaker through Bluetooth,  or the 3.5 mm jack. This img_87991will send all the audio through the speaker, so it will essentially become apart of your Dot.

Daily Tasks-

Alexa can help you out with daily tasks easily. One command I find myself using a lot is asking her the time, when I am in a rush to get to school or go out. Another thing I use daily is the alarm. You can set up a repeating alarm, but I just ask her to set an alarm for the next morning the night before. This is also useful for reminders. In my case, say I have to do some studying but think I may forget. Just set a reminder on Alexa and she will remind you to study when you need to. There is an infinite amount of other tasks that may be performed, but these are the ones I found to be used most.


I would completely recommend buying the Amazon Echo Dot. Alexa is so useful from daily tasks, to helping out with quick facts, and listening to music. I use Alexa daily, and when my friends come over all they want to do is talk to her. The Dot makes a great party guest, as everyone messes with it, and wants to know more about it. People are constantly asking her questions, or saying to play certain songs. The Dot fits in with almost any setup, as it has a very pleasing design and comes in both black and white. I hope you learned something from this review, and got help for your buying decision!


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